This Is Not Your Parent's K2

Darn, I haven't posted here in forever; so here's a link to a work in progress.

Kenny once again wakes up in bed newly reincarnated, only this time his former self (who didn't die) walks into their room a few minutes later. Now that there are two of them, they have much to figure out in terms of what to do about their family, social life, and their boyfriend. But…first things first! Kenny/Kenny. "K2"/Butters.

Membrain - South Park Big Bang Fanfic

Title: Membrain
Author: fallingwthstyle
Artists: Burnawayy, kennymcshamrock, Marie, and Nilvisk
Beta: howtodisappearcompletely
Pairing(s)/characters: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Butters, Tweek, Clyde, Bebe, Sheila, Ike
Rating: T
Summary: Stan is a handful of months from his 30th birthday, and hates his life and being an adult. Once a year he gets away from it and reconnects with the one thing he still has left of his childhood, the only time in his life when things made sense: Kyle. And even that connection is fading away. He would give anything to go back to those simpler days, fix a few mistakes they both made along the way, and most of all relive it and pay more attention this time. One strange night, he gets the chance to.
Warnings: (As needed) Drug use, language
Notes: (As needed) N/A

Fan art for 'When I Make A Promise'

My friend rensrenegade is making fan art for one of my stories, and just sent me the first one. I'll add more to this post as they arrive; this first one depicts Kenny carrying Butters on his back on a freezing cold night, while Butters is wearing Kenny's parka, after Kenny rescued him from being abused by his dad by chaining him up inside a dog house. Thank you, Ren!

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Happy Birthday, Butters

Title: Happy Birthday, Butters
Author: fallingwthstyle
Rating: T
Word Count: ~3,600
Summary: Butters has always hated the fact that he was born on the same day as a national tragedy. This year on his twelfth birthday and with some help, he finally comes to terms with it.

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